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The Benefits of Using a Staffing Agency

When there have been layoffs and there is ongoing uncertainty about the direction the market will go in the near future, the advantages of hiring on a temporary and temp to perm basis and considering temporary opportunities as a solution for employment remain the same and are even heightened. The need for contract workers has increased by 25%, according to stories published all over the place.

While businesses are currently going through a bit of a reset to reduce costs, the work still needs to be done. Because of this, using temporary workers is a risk-free option to complete tasks without making a long-term commitment. People who have lost their jobs and need to make money, as well as those who have been hurt and want to try something out before committing, can both benefit from it.

Southeast Texas HR offers a team of temp recruiting experts; we are experts in placing individuals in a range of activities, including labor, administrative, accounting/finance, and sales/marketing, for assignments that can last anywhere from one day to a year or more. We thoroughly screen potential employees so that we always have amazing people available for work at a moment's notice when the need arises. The superior customer care we offer to our hiring customers and the high-touch candidate experience, where candidates feel valued at every stage, are what set working with Southeast Texas HR apart.

Benefits to companies hiring:

  1. Flexibility: Employing temporary workers enables businesses to scale their personnel up or down in accordance with operational needs without incurring the costs and time-consuming onboarding and offboarding procedures. While facing widespread layoffs and an impending recession, hiring temporary staff is a low-commitment way to get excellent, thoroughly vetted talent on demand.

  2. Get the assistance you require right away: Employers who need to fill positions quickly but can't wait to conduct thorough interviews turn to firms like Southeast Texas HR to fill temporary positions to make sure nothing gets missed. Our team is always in contact with qualified job searchers who are either looking for work or are open to temporary employment so that we can act swiftly when a temporary recruiting need arises!

  3. Low risk: When a company hires a temp through an agency, like Southeast Texas HR, all administrative costs for payroll, benefits, and the manpower required to manage the candidate fall on us. As a result, the hiring company is not exposed to any administrative or financial risks. A bad permanent hire can damage the company's culture and morale and lose the organization around 30% of the candidate's first year's earnings.

  4. The opportunity to try before you buy: Hiring on a temporary basis enables hiring managers and temporary employees to ascertain a mutual match up front, resulting in a more confident hire should/when a company converts the individual to a permanent position. Additionally, it's beneficial to conduct a trial run when hiring for a new position that the company has never had before to determine whether the position is necessary and well-suited for success.

  5. Ability for leadership to focus on their core business: It is a waste of time and resources to have a vice president of strategy work on a project involving simple data input. It is more efficient to be able to recruit a skilled temporary worker to concentrate on and complete the project when there is a one-time project but no continuous need for someone with a certain skill set. This allows permanent workers to concentrate on their core duties and activities.

Benefits to job seekers:

The advantages to employers are also true for job searchers, who may have a look at an organization before committing, have access to instant employment, and have an easier time leaving if it turns out they are not a good fit. Additional advantages of accepting a contract or temporary job include the following:

  1. Potential to go permanent: If that is the goal, temping can result in a permanent position. One third of temporary employees are offered permanent employment, and two-thirds of those employees take it. On the other hand, this might also be a chance to try something out before you buy it. You can test out a job, company, and people through temp to perm chances to make sure the position and the organization are a good fit for you.

  2. Bridge resume gaps and learn new skills: While recruiters will understand the current predicament, taking a contract or temporary position rather than waiting months for the ideal permanent position will look great and keep you in the running. A temporary post could also eventually lead to a permanent position.

  3. Temporary employment gives you the chance to try out a new career path and earn experience if you're wishing to switch careers: People have been spending more time at home and with family as a result of the COVID pandemic, which has given people a chance to ponder and reassess their priorities. Many people are realizing that it might be time for a change. While switching careers can be intimidating and risky, taking on a temporary position in a potential new field offers the chance to gain experience while committing less time and energy than a permanent position.

  4. Get a memorable resume brand name: There are respected household name businesses that initially only hire on a temporary basis. Consider including temp jobs in your search if you are desperate to work for one of these renowned brands. This might open doors for you or at the very least help you develop your résumé.

  5. Build your network and personal brand by temping at several different businesses or even just one. Your network may grow as a result of showcasing your skills through temporary employment; you never know who you could meet. Additionally, a temporary position might give you a fresh reference who will be able to speak highly of you and your work output.

  6. Earn money: Temporary employment provides the chance to earn money, whether it's extra cash for a side project or a way to fill in time between jobs. When a job requires you to work overtime (i.e., more than 40 hours per week), you may be able to earn time and a half on top of your hourly wage.

The Takeaway: Now more than ever is a fantastic time to think about using temporary staff to complete the work you need done with the least amount of commitment. It's also a terrific method for job seekers who aren't already employed to get back to work and provide them a feeling of community during this scary time.


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