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HR Compliance 

Our HR Compliance Team is ready to assist your company. 

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HR Compliance Services

We provide customized answers to your company’s unique Human Resources needs. Our range of human resources services and solutions allows us to Manage, Administer, Support, Consult, and/or Partner with your company’s HR function including becoming your complete outsourced HR department! 

Total HR Outsourcing

This option allows Southeast Texas HR to serve as your company’s HR department. Under your direction, we perform all the needed HR-related responsibilities for your company…at a fraction of what you’d pay a regular employee!

HR Management & Support

Southeast Texas HR can provide a qualified HR professional to supplement your current department by either managing and handling higher-level issues or relieving staff of their administrative and HR support burden.

HR Consulting & Projects

Whether you need help developing an Employee Handbook, need an independent investigator into an employee issue, or other HR project, our certified and experienced HR professionals can help deliver quality results you need.

Service Models


Your HR representative will come to your location and perform HR-related duties on a permanent, project, or as needed basis.


Your dedicated HR Representative and HR Call Center will answer any of your employee’s HR-related questions and concerns in a time-effective manner.


Securely maintain company records, provide HR Case Management solutions, access to you Company’s HR FAQ’s, or even have your company handbook information accessible to you and your staff.

HR Tasks & Features

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